2 | ‘Revelation works when we stop resisting the Spirit of the Lord …

JMD Alfano
2 min readFeb 6, 2021


and start listening. And He’s saying a lot right now. The signs are clear: Gird up. All of us. Together. In Him.’

… What else is God saying? What do you see?


2. Pop your head out of the hole.

Seeing is believing, and so, unfortunately, is repeat, predictable, low-watt behavior.

We are creatures of habit. We love our routines and yet sometimes — often — the way to enlightenment lies over the hump and on the other side of the devil we know.

Think about the differences between settling down and breaking out.

A marriage falls apart because a couple loses sight of what it takes to maintain love, interest, and intimacy. But after the break-up (no, I’m not for ending marriages), both individuals rise to the challenge of being unencumbered, and what it means to see the sunset on the horizon again instead of just the end of your own nose.

And how much do you think Big Tech figured all of this out long ago — our penchant for entering into sleep-walking routine? Enough to architect their platforms to entice us onto the same comfy couch of familiar expectations featuring plenty of digital comforts, where even unwanted returns and diminished outcomes are acceptable so long as they don’t contain any unwanted surprises?

Yes. That’s exactly what they did.

And that’s why as Big Tech evolved they expanded their reach into our lives while constricting our capacity to resist and respond, ultimately. They turned their freedom into our slavery right before our eyes.

And we let them.

Programmed by generations of commodification and controlled freedoms (free, but only so far), we’ve become entirely movable, moldable, and predictable is what it comes down to. And this has worked like a charm a million % against us; which is why, to a solemn degree, we’re now in the mess we’re in.

Listen up: The Great Awakening is useless so long as we continue to behave according to type.

What our sleepy heads need is a double-shot of truth caffeine.





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